Real Estate Investments : pursues real estate investment opportunities, for their own account, and in partnership with capital investors, wherein specific investments and investors can benefit from market cycles, market needs, added value development, redevelopment and/or speculative longer term investment holds.
Real Estate Development : applies expertise gained through over 35 years of experience in the real estate development and construction industry to create and/or add value to real estate projects by creating economically feasible and viable investment properties.
Build-to-Suit Development : ’ president, T. Weldon Davis, has been actively involved in build-to-suit facilities construction and development and leasing for over 35 years. This experience allows to adeptly understand a client’s operations requirements and to effectively create the most efficient facility for a client’s specific needs.
Design/Build Development : Although the conventional method for facilities construction is a tiered approach wherein an entity initially retains the services of project designers who will create a project’s design, after which multiple contractors may competitively compete for the low bid on the project; the most cost and time efficient method for creation of a facility may be design/build technology. Design/build technology incorporates the construction and design processes from project inception, with the intent and outcome being a cooperative effort by and between designers, contractors and client, resulting in a faster project completion and a more cost effective project, all resulting in better bottom line efficiency for the client. Mr. Davis’ vast experience in project planning, design, construction and development allows and their clients to realize substantial cost efficiencies through the use of design/build technology.
Development Consultation/Construction Consultation/Construction Management : Companies and investors normally utilize third party engineers, law firms and accountants as a professional means of protecting their technical, legal and financial concerns. With over 35 years of experience in planning, construction, development and property management and ownership, provides this same level of expertise and protection for the company or investor’s real estate and construction needs, resulting in cost and time savings for the client, and for better real estate and facilities values, both short and long term.
Real Estate Management/Asset Management/Maintenance : Applying expertise gained through over 35 years of experience in planning, construction, development, property management and ownership, can provide the passive or remote property owner with a most efficient and cost effective local representation for his real property.